What is the REI Expo?

  • What is the Real Estate Investor (REI) Expo?

    Arnie Abramson

    Arnie Abramson, Co-Founder of the REI Expo

    The REI Expo was founded in 2010 by Tim Herriage and Arnie Abramson.  Tim and Arnie have been colleagues since 2003, and have sold nearly 100 houses back and forth to each other.  The two teamed up in October of 2010 with a plan.  Tim had an idea to unite the Dallas / Fort Worth real estate investor community every year for one large event!  This event was never intended to be larger than an annual party of DFW real estate investors.  They set rules on the speakers that had never been seen at an event of this size.  The most simple rule was, “no selling from stage”.

    Selling from stage was one of the things that had given real estate investor events a “bad rap.”  If you had ever been to one, you knew what happened at the end of every presentation.  The speaker or “guru” was about to make you a “one time, right now, and tonight only” offer.  This simple rule changed the game!  It created an environment that was positive, and geared towards education.

    We hope you join us at a future event, to see why we are different.

    Mission of the REI Expo

    To introduce potential real estate investors and/or existing investors to all areas of the industry in a positive environment: to include products, courses, legislative awareness, strategies, and technologies.


    Tim Herriage

    Tim Herriage, Co-Founder

    The REI Expo will be known as the premier real estate investor event nationwide and will be a place where all are welcome. It will not form “allegiances” or exclusive arrangements with any of the vendors, promoters, clubs, association, sponsors, or exhibitors. The REI Expo will put education and customer satisfaction above all else. The REI Expo will strive to further the real estate investing industry for a moral, ethical, and sustainable future for individual investors.


    The purpose of the Expo is to provide a no pressure, positive environment where individual investors can grow, network, and expand their businesses.

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