Arnie Abramson

  • Before becoming a Texas real estate investor in 1991, Arnie Abramson had successful careers as a financial planner and Vice-President of Marketing for a national real estate management company that marketed public Real Estate Limited Partnerships.  He began buying houses at Sheriff Sales in 1992 and has been an investor, landlord, mentor, educator, speaker and property manager for over twenty years.

    Arnie is a national speaker on Texas tax deed sales and is the Texas provider for tax deed purchases for several of the national tax lien gurus seen on the Internet.  He is past president of the Texas Real Estate Investors Association (TxREIA) and is a co-founder of the REI EXPO.

    His company, Texas Tax Sales Resource Group LLC, provides complete information, training, guidance and handholding about tax sales in Texas.  This may include classes, coaching, mentoring, consulting, partnering and the very popular turnkey program.  Some of the investors buy tax sales properties by forming an LLC and buying them together thereby getting diversification with smaller amounts of capital.

    They have recently introduced a new program that not only provides a complete turnkey program for investors but also eliminates most, if not all, of the unknown factors normally associated with buying tax sales.  It is called:


    “How YOU Can Profit from Tax Deed Sales in Texas”

    Overview of Texas tax sales

    Hype vs.  Reality

    Downside and Upside

    Solutions to overcome Downside

    A completely TURNKEY program

    Taking the Guesswork out of the Purchase

    FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE!                                      



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  1. Tom Elkins April 15, 2014 Reply

    Individual representing a Hi net worth Texas Family Limited Parterneship experienced in real estate investments seeking education and possible participation in Texas tax liens.Please give me a call at 0900 hrs on April 23rd here in my Santa Fe Tx office at 409-927-1200.

    Thank you, Tom

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