2013 Anaheim REI Expo Registration


    Below is a link to register for the Anaheim REI Expo.


    The Anaheim REI Expo will host nearly 400 investors from across the nation.  This event will be our first of many annual events in Southern California.

    The Anaheim Event will be keynoted by Bruce Norris.  Bruce will be delivering a timely 2014 forecast.

    Very few tickets remain!

    See you at the Expo!

     If you are reading this, you have almost waited too long!  At this point, you can either register below (or just “come on down”) and we’ll let you experience what is left of the REI Expo for $99 per person!

    Click here to register now, or just drive to the Hilton Anaheim.





  1. Martha De la chaussee August 12, 2013 Reply

    I would like to be a Speaker at this event. As a prior IRS Collection Officer, my knowledge in tax lien priorities and real estate is very important to the real estate business and investors. Lien law and the processes and procedures the IRS offers to unencumber real property is very important to the real estate industry. Call Martha De la chaussee at 323-344-2294 if interested. Note: website not functioning. See Linkedin profile or Facebook

    • Tim Herriage October 1, 2013 Reply

      Please complete this form. http://www.reiexpo.com/anaheim-vendor-information/

  2. Ben Tjoa MBA August 14, 2013 Reply

    I just want to come to the Trade Show Only and nothing else in order to patronize your vendor{s}there.
    Please send me the invitation. Thanks

  3. Robert Betts October 11, 2013 Reply

    Where do we find the schedule of events for the REI Expo on November 2nd & 3rd?

    • Tim Herriage October 13, 2013 Reply

      The schedule is here: http://www.reiexpo.com/2013-anaheim-schedule/

  4. Tim Herriage October 13, 2013 Reply

    The schedule is here: http://www.reiexpo.com/2013-anaheim-schedule/

  5. Harry Davis October 16, 2013 Reply

    I would like to come to your REIExpo, but I have been out of work for the last year or so, so I am asking if you could send me about two tickets so we can get into see what is what, please I am asking to see if we can get them, thank you very much for the help in this matter, Mr. Harry Davis

    • Tim Herriage October 28, 2013 Reply

      Email info@reiexpo.com, and request a scholarship. Let us know if you are able to volunteer, or if you are just wanting admission.

  6. Julio Cesar Medina November 1, 2013 Reply

    Friday, 1 November 2013, 5:15PM (Pacific Time)

    Mr. TIM,

    Please consider inviting the following RE investing gurus/educators to the 2014 REi Expo, maybe they will come speak in exchange for a table/booth, or perhaps you/REi Expo might negotiate the table/booth and a nominal fee.

    Most of them are local to Southern California or California, another in nearby Arizona and Florida.

    * * * I go into detail in giving their names, their location/home-base and what they are known for; you or your REi team might know them personally or perhaps have heard of them, or vaguely heard of them, or never heard of them, regardless, I have heard them speak or read their literature and I believe these folks have quality products and services some in the five and six figure numbers, though they offer aaaaaaa-lot of free and/or no-cost ebooks, videos, 30 day trial policies to try out a $997 course--just pay $25 for fedex shipping, and similar promotions; they have been key in my REi / Asset Protection knowledge acquiring and thats why I mentioned them, I would like to hear them hear again and I know others would benefit from them speak. * * *

    They are:

    - Jeff Adams (Upland, CA -- Near San Bernardino, CA), 45 miles East of Dtn Los ANgeles | one of the bestest RE investing gurus in Southern California, a truly nice and caring person, Very funny, a former Firefighter-Captain, and former student of MIKE CANTU

    - MIKE CANTU (Upland, CA -- " " / Riverside, CA) | an associate and/or friend of Mr. BRUCE NORRIS

    - TONY ALVAREZ (Palmdale, CA / Antelope Valley, CA | 60 miles North East of Los Angeles) | an associate and/or friend of Mr. BRUCE NORRIS

    - ALBERT LOWRY (Lake Tahoe, CA) | -- I believe we both know this gentleman --

    - DAVE LINDAHL (Rockland, MA) " "

    - JOHN T. REED (Located in Northern, California) | The most logical person and best versed person through his written rhetoric that deciphers and rates dozens and dozens and dozens of RE gurus/educators, bold as bold can be!!!

    - ROBYN THOMPSON (Morriston, FL) | Wholesaling (SFRs) and Rehab Project Management (THAN MERRILL, PAUL and JD ESAJIAN were her students at some point in their RE investment learning career)

    - THAN MERRILL (San Diego Region, formerly: New Haven, CT / Flip this House star) | Wholesaling / Building a Information Empire (IM/Affiliated Marketing)

    - JD and PAUL ESAJIAN " " | Rehab Project management

    - PAUL ESAJIAN " " | Managing the entire Rehab process, from A (quisition) - Z (elling it).

    - KENT CLOTHIER (San Diego Region, Memphis, TN & Boca Raton, FL), Building a Cash Buyers list and other services

    - JACK BOSCH (Phoenix, AZ) / came out with his new program "Forever Cash" ---> Its like Rich Dad Poor Dad on steroids plus it outmost-logically analyzes the roots to the power of financial wealth, the process of grading investments via tiers and their possible tentative returns; and the psychology of spending (i.e. self-gratification, keeping up with the Jones). + his funny and well versed!

    - BOB BLUHM (Dallas, Texas) | Asset Protection (F.L.P.s)

    - WARREN TARYLE (Scottsdale, AZ) | Reducing Tax liability

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